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This is the official web site of RG Excavating Inc. We Specialize in, but are not limited to the installation, maintenance, extraction and demolition of ferrous and non-ferrous petroleum storage units and systems alike. We are also a full service demolition, environmental excavation and remediation company. From initial customer contact to project planning, management and execution, our staff holds customer satisfaction and environmental impact in the foreground of our companies performance.



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RG Excavating is a D.E.P. Certified tank contractor and has been for over 25 years.  

Learn more about how you may be eligible for a Pennsylvania state grant of up to $4,000. This grant is paid to the tank owner to assist with costs of taking the right corrective actions.


Q: Do I have to remove my oil tank?


A: As a property owner oil tank removal is voluntary. However, most lending agencies do require all storage tanks to be addressed  for any real estate transaction that takes place. In this case, proper storage tank closure, sampling, and reports are necessary.