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RG Excavating is a family owned and operated company based out of Willow Grove Pennsylvania. For over 40 years RG Excavating has served South Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey with pride. RG Excavating Inc. is a company Certified by PA D.E.P. (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection). Being in business for over 40 years RG Excavating Inc. has always focused on providing excellent performance in the many services of the excavation and environmental industries. We take pride in our work and it shows. We obtain and retain all insurances, certifications and permits required for every project. We stay fully involved in every project from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to remove my oil tank?
A: As a property owner oil tank removal is voluntary. However, most lending agencies do require all storage tanks to be addressed  for any real estate transaction that takes place. In this case, proper storage tank closure, sampling, and reports are necessary.

Q: What does DEP stand for?                       
A: Department of Environmental Protection
Q: How do I know if my oil/gas tank leaked?
A: there are several signs that a storage tank has or is leaking. A few common signs are water inside the tank, product (oil/gas) loss and heater or pumping problems. The only true way to tell is to take soil samples below the tank. For more information about leaking tanks and governmental grants to aid in the clean up click here.